Crypto Glossary # Crypto Investing

Airdrop Arbitrage ATH ATL Bear Market BEP-2 BEP-95 Bitcoin ATM Bitcoiner Block Explorer Bull Market Buy The Dip Candlestick CEX Coin Cold Storage Cold Wallet Collateral tokens Crowdfunding Crowdloan Crypto burning Crypto loan Cryptocurrency Cryptopunks Custody DAO Day trading Decentralized currency DeFi DEX Dominance Dumping Equity ERC-827 Ether (ETH) Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Exchange FOMO Futures Contract GameFi Gas Station Network (GSN) Gem Governance Governance token Hard Cap Hardware Wallet Hidden cap Higher Low HODL Hot storage Hyperinflation ICO Inflation Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Initial Game Offering (IGO) Initial Public Offering Institutional Investors JOMO Lightning Network Limit Buy Limit Order Limit Sale Liquidity Liquidity Pool Listing Long Position Mainnet Margin Call Market Cap Market Sell Max Supply Memecoin Metamask Mt Gox NFT OpenSea Order Book Overbought Oversold P2P Trading Paper Wallet Phishing Play2Earn (PlayToEarn) Portfolio Presale Private blockchain Private Key Private sale Profit and Loss Proof of Reserves Proof of Stake (PoS) Proof Of Work (POW) Public Key Public sale Pump and Dump Rekt Roadmap Rug Pull Satoshi (SAT) Satoshi Nakamoto Scam Scammer Seed phrase Shitcoin Short Position Soft Cap Software wallet Solana Stablecoin Staking Supply and demand Swap Token Tokenomics Total Suply Trading Volume Transaction fee Transaction TX Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Utility token Validator Vesting Volatility Wallet Weak Hands Whale When Lambo When Moon? Whitelist Whitepaper Yield Farming